Lions player Cameron Sutton, 29, surrenders on domestic battery case

According to government sources, after more than a week of domestic battery charging. Former Detroit Lions cornerback Cameron Sutton turned himself into Florida authorities last Sunday.

Lions player Cameron Sutton
Lions player (Image source: Twitter)

His surrender was announced in a press release. It included footage of Sutton arriving at the front desk of a correctional facility in the Tampa area.

Sutton was released by the Lions on March 21. The Sheriff's Office announced the same day that he was wanted on case of domestic violence by strangulation, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. There may be jail in this.

On March 20, the sheriff's office made known that they were in pursuit of At Sutton (age 29) through a “Warrant Wednesday” press release.

Following the sheriff's office's appeal to the public for assistance in locating Sutton, his legal representative, whose identity remained undisclosed, came forward on March 25 to declare that Sutton intended to surrender, as per numerous statements from the agency.

The sheriff's office refrained from promptly disclosing the identity of Sutton's attorney when queried on Sunday night. Additionally, there was no immediate response from Sutton's sports agent regarding a request for comment. Sutton himself appears not to have addressed the allegations.

Sheriff Chad Chronister articulated in Sunday's proclamation, “My condolences go out to this woman as she perseveres through the aftermath of this man's heinous deeds.”

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On Sunday, the office announced that Sutton presented himself at a correctional facility at 8:24 p.m. Although he was processed, it remains unclear whether he was subsequently released.

“After weeks of eluding law enforcement, this individual has ultimately opted to surrender,” remarked Chronister.

Lions team president Rod Wood conveyed that Sutton had been present at a team facility in Michigan when the sheriff's office's notification was disseminated, as per NBC Sports. Wood expressed that the team had urged Sutton to “act conscientiously” and surrender, as reported by NBC Sports.

In the year 2023, Sutton inked a three-year, $33 million contract with the Lions and participated in every regular season and postseason game, thereby contributing to the team's leading 12-5 record for the year.

Chronister, who cast a glaring spotlight on the case, declared on Sunday, “No individual is exempt from the law within Hillsborough County.”

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