Legal Expert Slams Trump’s Lawsuit as Doomed: Here’s Why!

Attorney Lisa Needham criticized former President Donald 's defamation lawsuit against ABC , calling it “clownish” and likely to fail. The lawsuit, targeting ABC and host George Stephanopoulos, alleges that Stephanopoulos falsely claimed Trump had been found liable for “raping” columnist E. Jean Carroll in the 1990s.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Trump, expected to be the 's presidential nominee in 2024, was previously ordered to pay $83.3 million to Carroll for damaging her reputation after she accused him of sexual assault. Another jury awarded Carroll $5 million for and defamation. Trump denies any wrongdoing and plans to appeal.

Stephanopoulos made the remarks while questioning about her support for Trump. Needham criticized Trump's lawsuit, stating that it's likely to fail due to legal technicalities. She pointed out that even though Trump wasn't found liable for rape under New York law, the broader definition applied by other states still implicates him.

Moreover, Needham highlighted that Trump would have to undergo discovery and testify under oath for the lawsuit to proceed. Mace defended Trump during her interview with Stephanopoulos, emphasizing that the case wasn't criminal and correcting the host's statements about Trump's liability for rape.

Trump's lawsuit centers on Stephanopoulos's claim that Trump was twice found “liable” for rape, which the juries did not determine. The lawsuit alleges that Stephanopoulos made these false statements with malice or reckless disregard for the truth. Needham explained that proving “actual malice” under the legal standard set by the New York Times v. Sullivan case requires demonstrating that Stephanopoulos knowingly lied or failed to investigate with the intent to avoid the truth.

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