Legal Expert Slams Trump’s Lawsuit as ‘Clownish’ – Here’s Why It’s Doomed to Fail!

Attorney Lisa Needham criticized former President Donald Trump's defamation lawsuit against ABC , describing it as “clownish” and unlikely to succeed. The lawsuit stemmed from allegations that This Week host George Stephanopoulos made false claims about Trump's involvement in an alleged rape case.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (Image source: Twitter)

Trump's legal action, filed earlier this week, alleges that Stephanopoulos repeatedly misrepresented a jury's findings, claiming that Trump had been found liable for raping in the 1990s. Carroll had previously accused Trump of assault, leading to a civil case in which Trump was ordered to pay substantial damages.

In her critique published on Friday, Needham pointed out several flaws in Trump's lawsuit. She criticized the attempt to challenge legal nuances, particularly since a judge in Carroll's case had already clarified Trump's liability for rape. Additionally, Needham highlighted the inevitable hurdle of Trump being subjected to a deposition and testimony should the lawsuit proceed to trial.

During a heated exchange on This Week, Representative defended her support for Trump, emphasizing that the case did not involve criminal charges and correcting Stephanopoulos's characterization of the jury's verdict. Mace condemned the line of questioning as an attempt to shame her as a rape survivor.

Trump's lawsuit centers on Stephanopoulos's assertion that Trump was twice found “liable” for rape, a claim disputed by Trump's legal team. They argue that Stephanopoulos made these statements with malice or reckless disregard for the truth.

However, Needham explained that Trump must meet a higher standard of proof, established in the landmark case Times v. Sullivan, which requires him to demonstrate “actual malice.” This entails proving that Stephanopoulos knowingly lied or purposefully avoided the truth regarding Trump's alleged involvement in the rape case.

In conclusion, Needham suggested that Trump's lawsuit faces significant challenges beyond merely proving the falsehood of Stephanopoulos's statements.

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