Latest Updates on Taiwan Earthquake: 9 Fatalities and Hundreds Injured in 7.4 Magnitude Quake

Latest on : Tumultuous tremors, at least nine souls met their demise, while over 800 others suffered injury, as recounted by the Taiwanese authorities in the wake of Wednesday's seismic upheaval, the most formidable to rock Taiwan in a quarter-century.

Earthquake Taiwan

With a seismic force registering 7.4 on the Richter scale, the earthquake struck shortly before 8 a.m. local time, its epicenter nestled near Hualien, an eastern coastal enclave. Over a hundred subsequent aftershocks, among them one registering a preliminary magnitude of 6.5, rumbled through the island's terrain, as documented by the U.S. Geological Survey.

All nine fatalities occurred within the confines of Hualien, confirmed by both Taiwan's National Fire Agency and the EMIC stationed in Taipei. An additional 127 individuals are suspected to be ensnared beneath the debris, with authorities lamenting contact with merely two of the missing.

As the day progressed, the tally of casualties surged, with midday reports citing 57 injuries island-wide, a figure swelling to 711 by 2 p.m. Emergency updates at 4:30 p.m. bore witness to a further escalation, culminating in 821 wounded.

Official accounts pinpointed at least 317 of the injured hailing from Taipei and New Taipei City, locales situated some 80 to 100 miles distant from the epicenter.

Structural collapse wrought havoc in Hualien, where a five-story edifice and an ancillary structure succumbed to the temblor's might. Reports surfaced of debris cascading from a low-rise structure in Keelung, its venerable antiquity spanning seven decades, alongside comparable damage to a building in Taipei.

Additional havoc was wrought upon the infrastructure, with nine segments of local thoroughfares and eleven roads bearing the brunt of disrepair, as stones plummeted and pavements fissured.

With transport networks paralyzed, both the metro system and high-speed rail lay dormant. Precautionary measures saw the closure of highways in northern Yiland and eastern Hualien, as mandated by the Taiwanese Highway Bureau.

Earthquake Taiwan
Earthquake Taiwan

Furthermore, reports emanating from the strait between 's main island and Taiwan detailed three minor tsunamis, though all tsunami advisories in Japan have since been rescinded.

The USGS officials provided a concise assessment of the recent calamity, highlighting six previous seismic events with magnitudes of 7 or higher in the last 50 years. The most significant among them was the M 7.7 Chi-Chi earthquake in September 1999, which caused over 2,297 deaths and approximately $14 billion in damages. The recent episode on April 2, 2024, occurred 59 kilometers eastward of the Chi-Chi earthquake.

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