Josh Allen’s Ascension in NFL History: Chasing the Rushing Touchdown Record

In a jaw-dropping moment during the second quarter of the Bills’ thrilling 24-18 victory over the Buccaneers, Josh Allen made history. With a remarkable 13-yard sprint into the end zone, he not only propelled his team to success but also etched his name alongside the legendary Steve Young in the annals of the National Football League.

This electrifying run marked Allen’s 43rd career rushing touchdown, tying him with the Pro Football Hall of Famer, and setting his sights on the all-time leader, Cam Newton, the former Panthers quarterback.

Josh Allen
Josh Allen (Image source: Twitter)

A Game-Changing Score

This game-changing score occurred immediately after the Bills’ disappointment at the 1-yard line, where they were unable to punch it in. Remarkably, Allen was not given a rushing attempt during that drive. However, he wasted no time in making amends on the very next possession.

Positioned at the Tampa Bay 13-yard line, Allen showcased his remarkable agility by scrambling up the middle, evading defenders, and surging into the end zone. In doing so, he solidified his place alongside Steve Young in the history books.

The Pursuit of Greatness

Steve Young had long held the prestigious title of the NFL’s all-time leading touchdown rusher until Cam Newton made history in Week 1 of the 2016 season. With 75 rushing touchdowns to his name, Newton created some distance between himself, Young, and the aspiring Josh Allen. As it stands, Allen is 32 rushing scores behind Newton, but his trajectory suggests he may eventually conquer this record.

A Record in the Making

Josh Allen’s consistency is a testament to his remarkable athleticism. On average, he scores a rushing touchdown in nearly every other game. If he maintains this impressive pace, it will take him less than four seasons to tie Cam Newton’s record.

Challengers on the Horizon

While Josh Allen’s path to the rushing touchdown record seems promising, there are potential contenders in the race. The next active quarterback in line is Aaron Rodgers, who has accumulated 35 rushing touchdowns over his illustrious career.

However, Jalen Hurts could pose a significant challenge, as he has already notched 32 career rushing touchdowns, showcasing his dual-threat capabilities. Lamar Jackson, a peer of Allen from the same draft class, follows closely with 29 career rushing touchdowns.

In the end, the NFL’s record books are set for a potential rewriting, with Josh Allen leading the charge. As he continues to amass touchdowns on the ground, the world watches in awe, witnessing history in the making.

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