Joe Burrow’s Wrist Injury Raises Concerns for Bengals’ Franchise Quarterback

Joe Burrow’s Thursday night appearance at M&T Bank Stadium took a disheartening turn as he exited the game with a wrist injury, leaving the health of the Bengals’ franchise quarterback in uncertain territory.

Injury Details Unveiled

Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor provided insights into Burrow’s condition, stating, “It looked like he sprained his wrist. [He] fell on it early in the game and then felt it on the touchdown pass.” Burrow’s departure occurred near the end of the first half, capping his performance at 11-of-17 for 101 yards and one touchdown.

Joe Burrow in-game exit due to wrist injury - Bengals face uncertainties with Jake Browning as replacement.
Joe Burrow (Image source: Twitter)

Jake Browning Steps In

With Burrow sidelined, Jake Browning took the reins, finishing the game with an 8-of-14 record, amassing 68 yards, and contributing one touchdown. The quarterback switch marked a critical moment in the Bengals’ game against an opponent, with Burrow’s absence potentially impacting the team’s dynamics.

Painful Touchdown Pass and Locker Room Exit

Burrow’s discomfort became evident after a touchdown pass to Joe Mixon in the second quarter. Wincing in pain, he headed to the locker room when he found himself unable to grip the ball for a sideline throw.

Preexisting Wrist Concerns?

The post-game narrative introduces a layer of intrigue, questioning whether Burrow entered the game with a preexisting hand/wrist issue. On Wednesday, he was spotted wearing a wrist brace as he disembarked from a team bus. Curiously, the Bengals removed a social media post featuring Burrow in the brace. Notably, Burrow was not listed on the injury report this week.

Coach Taylor Addresses Speculations

When asked about the possibility of Burrow having a hand/wrist issue before the game, Coach Taylor responded, “Not that I am aware of.” The ambiguity surrounding Burrow’s wrist adds complexity to the situation, leaving fans and analysts alike pondering the true extent of the quarterback’s health concerns.

In this unforeseen twist, the Bengals face uncertainties surrounding their star quarterback’s availability and condition, raising questions about the team’s strategy and resilience moving forward.


As the Bengals grapple with the aftermath of Joe Burrow’s untimely wrist injury, the dynamics of their upcoming games hang in the balance. The ambiguity surrounding Burrow’s preexisting wrist condition adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, leaving fans eagerly awaiting updates on the quarterback’s health and the team’s course of action.


Q1: How did Joe Burrow sustain his wrist injury?
A: Burrow fell on his wrist early in the game and felt the impact while throwing a touchdown pass.

Q2: Who replaced Joe Burrow after his exit from the game?
A: Jake Browning took over, finishing with 8-of-14 for 68 yards and one touchdown.

Q3: Was Joe Burrow wearing a wrist brace before the game?
A: Yes, Burrow was seen wearing a wrist brace on Wednesday, raising questions about a potential preexisting issue.

Q4: Why was a social media post featuring Burrow in a wrist brace deleted?
A: The deletion of the post adds mystery, and it’s unclear why the Bengals removed the content.

Q5: Was Joe Burrow listed on the injury report this week?
A: No, Burrow was not listed on the injury report, further adding to the mystery surrounding his wrist condition.

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