Joe Biden’s Easter Transgender Declaration Sparks Christian Outcry: What You Need to Know

Former President Donald Trump‘s campaign headquarters has insisted that current President Joe issue an apology to the millions of Christians offended by his declaration of a “Transgender Day of Visibility” coinciding with Easter Sunday.

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The announcement, made public yesterday, has been labeled as “blasphemous” and yet another instance of the 's assault on Christianity by those affiliated with the Republican nominee.

“We demand that Joe Biden‘s faltering campaign and the White House issue an apology to the millions of Catholics and Christians nationwide who view tomorrow as a day of celebration in honor of Jesus Christ,” expressed Caroline W., the national press secretary for the campaign. “There is ample opportunity for reconciliation.”

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Sunday marks the observance of Easter among followers of Western Christian denominations.

Biden‘s proclamation yesterday designated Sunday, March 31, as the Transgender Day of Visibility—a gesture of solidarity with individuals who have transitioned genders, seeking protection from violence and discrimination. The document conveyed, “We extend a message of support to all transgender Americans.

You are cherished, you are acknowledged, you are embraced, you are part of , you are part of America. My entire administration and I stand in solidarity with you, united.”

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