Is covid-19 epidemic likely to end in 2023?

France has started screening people arriving from China for Covid-19, the third country in the European Union after Italy. And Spain will begin mandatory testing in the coming days.

They say the measure will help identify any new variants that experience a sharp increase in cases in China. The World Health Organization has said it hopes to officially declare the end of the Covid pandemic this year.

But it is a warning that there is still a risk of new and more deadly forms emerging. So let’s see where we are after three years. The first outbreak in China in late 2019 killed about 6.7 million people from Covid-19.

Even now the virus still claims to kill more than 1500 people a day worldwide, but this is much less than previous figures, vaccination largely protects people from a serious illness.

Who says access to effective vaccines is yet to come? In many parts of the world, restrictions have been loosened very unevenly as people learn to live with the virus rather than eradicate it.

The well was the first area in Europe and northern Italy to see a rapid spread of coronavirus infections. One city, in particular, Bergamo, led China in shutting down parts of the country at the start of the pandemic. It became a powerful warning signal to the rest of the world.

Back in early 2020, the virus chose the northern Italian city of Bergamo as the place where it would cast its darkest shadow during the first wave of infections. used to carry the dead bodies. As army trucks moved inside Bergamo’s hospitals to crematoriums in neighboring areas, health workers struggled to keep people alive.

I remember the yes sounds of the different devices that we were using during CT when you know when we give people a lot of gas oxygen and um there’s also a kind of smell that I remember Consuelo Locati K 82 The old man remembers his father very well. Digest the days of recruitment.

From reading the medical records, we learned that he was given a CPAP ventilation helmet the day after he was admitted to the hospital, unfortunately, there were not enough helmets at that time and the doctors had to choose.


Who might live and who might die? My dad faced the choice of going with death on Bergamo, fueled by the authorities’ slow response to the detection.

A desperately under-resourced healthcare system faced a population of older adults with underlying conditions and years of budget cuts to implement measures to contain the virus and its spread.

We need doctors in the region for genetic purposes and also need small healthcare places in the cities of the region.

Bergamo won’t forget those that were taken away by coveting 19. this Memorial is a tribute to them surrounded by a Grove of trees releasing the oxygen so many needed in their final moments more on this from Bodo planter.

Who’s a virologist from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Maine so welcome to DW a virologist here in Europe is now talking about covid becoming endemic rather than a pandemic could you just explain to us what that means well?

The situation is such that the numbers of new infections have been stabilized throughout Europe in recent weeks despite the fact that restrictions have been lifted um so uh there is some sort of relief but uh however you might call it.

It pandemic or endemic the virus is not garnished it still causes a number of infections and also uh deaths. And so we have to watch the situation closely. We have to remember that other viruses like uh flu or RS virus are now going up leading to an increased rate of hospitalization and an increased workload for nurses and doctors. Who is already exhausted after the three years of the pandemic so we have to watch?

The situation is right and part of that situation is China now reopening. Its borders and what’s your view of those countries who are screening arrivals from China which is seeing this surge of infections, okay this is one measure that could taken to identify uh variants new variants which might occur because a lot of viruses are now circulating in China and other countries possibly so it’s one measure, But we have to of course think of other measures like sequencing of these uh isolates than to really be able to uh quickly and swiftly identify new variants and to take appropriate measures afterward.

So why impose these against just China since new variants can come from anywhere yeah that’s true but there are a lot of viruses circulating in China as we learn now and more virus is circulating. The higher the level or the chance for mutations and for new variants and so wherever the virus is circulating at a high level there’s a chance for uh development variance.

So we have to look into these countries that have a higher circulation rate right? So you say that covid spread for the moment has stabilized do you see it becoming something like I don’t know like seasonal flu which you mentioned is something that comes and goes and with that, we just live with where we have to live with Corona there’s no doubt and uh it’s not clear. How this will develop it could be like the flu or like symptoms with a severe case uh occasionally seen could also be that it’s just a common code we don’t know yet and uh nobody can know uh how that develops but we have to live with Corona.

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