India’s Daring Rescue: How Special Forces Took Down Somali Pirates!

Specialist commando units from played a pivotal role in reclaiming control of a cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates, showcasing the nation's prowess.

India flag
India flag

The Malta-flagged cargo vessel, named the Ruen, fell victim to piracy in December 2023 near , marking the first successful hijacking by Somali pirates since 2017 and contributing to the instability in the region surrounding Somalia and the Red Sea.

Over the weekend, India successfully executed the mission to reclaim the Ruen. According to a statement by the Navy, the operation lasted 40 hours and resulted in the liberation of all 17 hostages, with 35 pirates apprehended.

Dramatic footage released by the Indian Navy depicted commandos parachuting from a naval aircraft into the sea near the hijacked vessel.

Analysts note that the success of this operation underscores the effectiveness of India's naval units in combating piracy. A former Navy captain emphasized the professionalism of the Indian Navy and their marine commando force, known as MARCOS, stating that MARCOS' rigorous training program is modeled after Britain's SAS, with only a small percentage of candidates successfully completing it.

Having accumulated over 30 years of experience in executing hazardous maritime operations, this is not the first anti-piracy operation carried out by MARCOS. Earlier in January, the unit rescued individuals from a hijacked vessel in the Arabian Sea.

Reports indicate that India has intensified its anti-piracy efforts in the Indian Ocean region in response to escalating threats to maritime routes. Observers highlighted India's capability in safeguarding its maritime interests even at considerable distances from the coast.

The recent operation involved navy vessels supported by helicopters and aircraft. The navy clarified that their response, including minimal necessary force, adhered to international law and was aimed at neutralizing the threat posed by the pirates to shipping and seafarers.

While piracy incidents had declined following the establishment of an international coalition to secure Red Sea vessels after 2011, recent upticks have been observed, partly due to attacks by militants in Yemen on commercial ships. Ships are reportedly slowing down as they await safety clearance to enter the Red Sea, creating opportunities for pirate attacks.

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