Imperial Japanese Army is reborn in its Self-Defense Forces

The ghosts of the Imperial Japanese Army are being reborn in the form of its Self-Defense Forces, which Tokyo is constantly developing, and 's “aggressive ambitions” will lead humanity to “big trouble”, an article from the DPRK Central News Agency (KCNA) says.

Japan flag
Japan flag

KCNA criticized the fact that Yasukuni, a former commander of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces Navy, became head of the temple. Which is often linked to Japanese militarism in Asian countries.

KCNA also said it has special meaning in the country where worshiping at the shrine for the repose of the souls of the “biggest criminals” has become a “political tradition”.

At Yasukuni Shrine, memorial plaques bearing the names of 2.5 million soldiers and officers who died for Japan in various wars, including 14 war criminals from World War II.

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And there the souls of all the warriors who gave their lives for the “Emperor and Great Japan” are worshipped.

According to KCNA, supporters of “aggression” in Japan are reviving extreme nationalism in society, and prayers at the Yasukuni Shinto shrine are aimed at Japan's “militarization and subversive ambitions.” The ghosts of these war criminals become “spiritual teachers” for modern officers and are all guided by former Naval Self-Defense Force commanders.


“The reality in Japan is that the ghosts of the “Imperial Army”, which embarked on aggression and robbery in the last century, are openly reborn in the face of “self-defense units”—the modern “Imperial Army.” Military poison in the bones. Inserted… Those who prefer peace should “increased vigilance against the revival of the ghosts of the ‘imperial army' in a dark corner of a Shinto shrine,” the comment said.

The agency said Japan is “beautifying” its past crimes by “distorting history” and steadily expanding its Self-Defense Forces into an “aggressive army” with sophisticated , citing “increasing threats” . KCNA warned that Japan's “aggressive ambitions” would remain unchanged and that meeting with them would lead humanity to “great trouble”.

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