Honoring Veterans at CU Boulder: A Tribute to Colorado’s Heroes

Veterans Day is a time to pay tribute to the brave men and women who have served our nation selflessly. At CU Boulder, we take immense pride in honoring veterans, not only across the country but also among our own student, staff, and faculty veterans.

Join us as we commemorate their service at a special Veterans Day ceremony on Friday, Nov. 10, starting at 11 a.m. The ceremony will be held at the University Memorial Center’s Glenn Miller Ballroom.

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Keynote Speaker Ben Purser

Our Veteran and Military Affairs event promises to be a moving and meaningful occasion. We are thrilled to announce that Ben Purser, the vice president for geostrategic risk at the Institute for Security and Technology, will be our keynote speaker. With his extensive expertise, he will undoubtedly provide invaluable insights.

Joint ROTC Color Guard Presentation

The ceremony will kick off with a presentation by the Joint ROTC Color Guard, who will present the colors with precision and honor. This display symbolizes the dedication and commitment of our veterans.

A Reception to Follow

Following the ceremony, there will be a reception where attendees can connect, share stories, and pay their respects to the veterans present. It’s a perfect opportunity to engage with the veteran community and express your gratitude.

The University Memorial Center: A Living Tribute

The University Memorial Center (UMC) holds a special place in our hearts as a living tribute to Colorado veterans. In 1947, Colorado Gov. Lee Knous declared the UMC to be a memorial dedicated to “those who served in these great wars.” Consequently, it was named the “University Memorial Center” to honor all Colorado veterans. In 2013, the UMC was rededicated as Colorado’s official veterans’ memorial during the Veterans Day Ceremony.

The Veterans Lounge: A Place of Remembrance

In 2015, the second-floor Veterans Lounge underwent expansion to create a more immersive experience for visitors. This space now features dedication plaques that pay homage to the Colorado veterans and University of Colorado students who made the ultimate sacrifice in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, the Korean conflict, the Persian/Gulf Wars, the Iraq conflict, and the Afghanistan conflict.

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The UMC continues to collaborate with CU’s Office of Veteran and Military Affairs to ensure that the memory of Coloradans involved in these conflicts is never forgotten.

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The USS Colorado Exhibit

The lounge is not just a place of remembrance but also a treasure trove of history. An exhibit within the lounge showcases a remarkable collection of original artifacts from the USS Colorado, the third ship of the U.S. Navy named in honor of the 38th state.

These artifacts include the ship’s bell, stern pilot wheel, a waterline one-meter scale model, and the ship’s 48-star “Sunday Flag.” Exploring these artifacts allows us to connect with the past and appreciate the sacrifices made by our veterans.

In conclusion, Veterans Day is a time for us to remember and honor those who have served our nation with courage and dedication. At CU Boulder, we are committed to preserving the legacy of Colorado’s veterans and providing a space where their sacrifices are acknowledged and celebrated. Join us on November 10th at 11 a.m. at the Glenn Miller Ballroom as we pay tribute to our veterans and express our gratitude for their service.

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