Google’s Billion-Dollar Settlement: Unveiling the Secret Tracking Scandal

has agreed to delete billions of data records as part of a settlement in a lawsuit that accused the company of secretly tracking individuals' internet activities while they were using private browsing.

samsung s8 with mobile application for Google
samsung s8 with mobile application for Google

The settlement terms are awaiting approval from a federal judge in California. The value of the agreement is estimated to be between $5 billion and $7.8 billion, although Google will not face any monetary penalties.

Users were part of the class action lawsuit can still pursue damages through individual lawsuits. The lawsuit, initiated in 2020, involves millions of Google users who used private browsing since June 2016.

Users claimed that Google's use of analytics, cookies, and applications allowed the company to unlawfully monitor their activities.

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As part of the settlement, Google will revise its disclosures about data collection during private browsing and allow users to block third-party cookies for five years.

Google denies attributing data to users in Incognito mode and is eager to delete obsolete technical data. The settlement is seen as a step toward and for technology companies.

The case is known as Brown et al v Google LLC et al and was filed in the District Court, Northern District of California.

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