Giuliani’s Shocking Revelation: Disbarment Imminent! But His Loyalty to Trump Will Save Him?!

Rudy Giuliani acknowledged in a recent podcast episode that he expects to be disbarred, attributing it to his steadfast loyalty to former President . Despite recognizing the impending consequences, Giuliani asserted that his commitment to 's cause would be commendable in the eyes of a higher power.

Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani (Image source: )

Giuliani, who led Trump's legal efforts in challenging the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania, had his law licenses suspended in both , DC and New York in 2021. Currently, he is disputing a recommendation for disbarment stemming from his representation of Trump, denying any wrongdoing.

Reflecting on his legal battles, Giuliani expressed disdain for what he perceives as a lack of courage among his peers who avoided representing Trump. He framed his impending disbarment as a badge of honor for standing firm in his convictions.

The former New York mayor's legal troubles extend beyond disbarment proceedings. A New York court ruling highlighted his dissemination of false information during the Trump case, while a subsequent federal jury verdict in Georgia ordered him to pay $148 million in damages for defamation.

Giuliani's defiance remains palpable despite the mounting legal challenges. He criticized the ongoing defamation trial in Georgia and lamented what he sees as a concerted effort by prosecutors to target him.

Facing both civil and criminal cases, Giuliani maintains his innocence and asserts his right to defend himself. A spokesperson for Giuliani emphasized the need for a fair opportunity to present their case in court and expressed in overturning the adverse judgments.

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