Former Trump Adviser Faces Unprecedented Prison Stay: Living Next to Lions and Elderly Inmates! Will Supreme Court Save Him?

Former advisor Peter Navarro, unless granted a last-minute reprieve by the , is preparing to spend the next few months in a minimum-security federal prison adjacent to a zoo, where he'll be living in a dormitory designated for older male inmates.

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Scheduled to report to the federal Bureau of Prisons satellite camp in Miami on Tuesday morning, Navarro, 74, faces becoming the first former White House official incarcerated for contempt of Congress. His consultant, Sam Mangel, noted Navarro's apprehension about entering an unfamiliar environment, emphasizing the unique experience awaiting him, complete with the daily roar of lions from the nearby zoo.

Navarro's sentence of four months stems from his failure to comply with congressional subpoenas related to the House into the January 6, 2021, US Capitol attack. Despite ongoing appeals, his incarceration appears imminent unless the Supreme Court intervenes.

Stanley Brand, one of Navarro's defense lawyers, highlighted the historic nature of the case, indicating its potential implications for future White House aides facing congressional subpoenas.

Should Navarro begin his sentence as planned, he is unlikely to serve the full four months due to federal early release provisions. Mangel estimates his time served to be approximately 90 days.

Inside the prison, Navarro will engage in activities such as taking classes and working, with Mangel advising him to seek positions that offer air-conditioned environments. Given his age, Navarro will request placement in a dormitory for elderly inmates, where safety is assured despite the lack of privacy.

Mangel mentioned other clients, including a doctor and a politically involved individual, already at the same prison camp, poised to assist Navarro in adjusting to his new surroundings.

The Miami facility, one of the country's oldest, houses fewer than 200 inmates and boasts amenities such as phone access and email privileges. Additionally, inmates have access to news via televisions airing programs in both English and Spanish.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department has urged the Supreme Court to reject Navarro's final attempt to avoid prison, deeming his arguments without merit and unlikely to alter the outcome of his conviction.

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