Former Marvel Star’s Shocking Legal Battle: Abuse Allegations, Court Drama, and More!

' former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, initiated legal proceedings against him in federal court on Tuesday, subsequent to his conviction by a jury for assaulting and harassing her three months earlier.

Jonathan Majors
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In the lawsuit filed in the Southern District of , Jabbari, a British dancer, accuses Majors, the former Marvel actor, of defamation, malicious prosecution, assault, and battery. According to court documents, Jabbari alleges that Majors subjected her to physical abuse on multiple occasions throughout their nearly two-year relationship, starting in July 2022.

Furthermore, Jabbari claims that Majors has continued to damage her reputation since his conviction in December. The lawsuit Majors' public denials of the abuse allegations, with him consistently labeling Jabbari as a liar in an attempt to discredit her.

Responding to the lawsuit, Majors' attorney stated that they were expecting Jabbari's legal action and are preparing counterclaims against her.

Jabbari's lawsuit also alleges a pattern of abusive behavior by Majors towards women dating back to 2013. However, she does not specify any other individuals who may have been affected. Jabbari's lawyer declined to comment on the matter.

In February, two more of Majors' ex-girlfriends, came forward with allegations of physical and emotional abuse spanning from 2013 to 2019. Majors denied physically abusing one of them but admitted to feeling remorseful for his past behavior. Marvel terminated its contract with Majors following his conviction in December, effectively ending his role as supervillain Kang the Conqueror in the franchise.

Despite the fallout, Majors has maintained his innocence in various interviews, claiming he has never physically harmed a woman. Jabbari's lawsuit contends that Majors has resorted to attacking her reputation in the media since he can no longer physically harm her.

The lawsuit describes a violent incident in September 2022 where Majors allegedly caused severe injuries to Jabbari's body, including throwing her onto a car hood and strangling her until she struggled to breathe.

The altercation that led to Majors' arrest occurred in March 2023, according to prosecutors, after Jabbari discovered a text on his phone from another woman. Majors denied striking Jabbari, with his defense portraying him as the victim of a vindictive partner.

In the end, a jury found Majors guilty of harassment and misdemeanor assault. His sentencing, initially set for February, was postponed to April following a motion from his lawyer to overturn the verdict.

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