Florida Republicans Demand Action: Navy Called to Intercept Haitian Migrants Amid Chaos!

A collective of Florida Republican representatives has appealed to President Biden, urging him to permit the Navy to conduct maritime interdictions and interceptions of migrants fleeing Haiti amid the country's ongoing turmoil.

Haiti Leaves
Haiti Leaves (Image source: Twitter)

The representatives, including Matt Gaetz, Gus Biliarakis, Anna Paulina Luna, and Daniel Webster, co-signed a letter to President Biden, requesting him to acknowledge an expected mass migration of individuals heading towards or arriving off the United States' coast.

They referenced a past executive order signed by former President George W. Bush, which aimed to tackle illegal migration in the Caribbean region.

In their letter, the lawmakers stressed the importance of invoking Executive Order 13276 to support Florida's efforts by employing Department of Defense vessels for maritime interdictions and interceptions of Haitian migrants, advocating for their repatriation to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to lessen the financial burden on taxpayers.

Additionally, they highlighted remarks made by officials during a House Armed Services Committee hearing, where Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson expressed the need for “increased capability” to handle potential mass migration.

The letter concluded with an appeal for the deployment of necessary assets to carry out maritime interdictions and interceptions of Haitian migrants.

Haiti has been grappling with political unrest for weeks, marked by widespread gang violence and political instability. The escalating violence prompted the U.S. to advise all Americans to leave the country and initiate the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy, along with the deployment of Marines.

The representatives pointed to proactive measures taken by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has deployed additional resources to the state's southern regions to address potential migration. Governor DeSantis announced the deployment of over 200 additional state officers, around 50 Guard members, along with numerous aircraft and ships to South Florida and the Keys. Florida state officials also reported the recent interception of a boat carrying 25 Haitian migrants by law enforcement.

In response, a National Security Council spokesperson stated that officials are closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing that irregular migration through the Caribbean remains low. Nevertheless, authorities are planning for contingencies and exploring measures to manage a potential increase in migrants.

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