Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Arrested for Hooters Burglary: What Led to His Downfall?

After a previous Highway Patrol trooper allegedly drove a cinder block through the window of a Hooters establishment. Landed himself in legal trouble after absconding with four beer taps the previous week

Florida Highway Patrol
Florida Highway Patrol (Image source: )

David Baker, aged 49, faces charges of felony burglary stemming from the episode on March 28 at the Daytona Beach branch of Hooters, as per FOX Orlando‘s reportage.

A representative from the FHP informed Fox Digital of Baker's termination on Friday.

“The accusations leveled against Mr. David Baker run counter to the foundational principles of the Florida Highway Patrol. The FHP stands as an entity devoted to the service and safeguarding of the populace, and integrity forms the bedrock of our professionalism and trustworthiness,” declared the agency in an official statement. “Given the gravity of the recent allegations, the Executive Director issued an extraordinary termination, resulting in the immediate cessation of his employment.”

officers were summoned to the establishment following the activation of a burglary alarm and subsequently encountered a suspicious vehicle in the parking vicinity, officials relayed.

Baker was observed loading items into his truck, with a sizable glass pane at the restaurant reportedly shattered, according to an affidavit from the Daytona Beach .

Police officers noted inconsistencies in Baker's accounts regarding his whereabouts on the night in question. Allegedly, data from license plate readers indicated his presence at various locations.

A surveillance recording provided by a Hooters manager depicted Baker traversing the parking area circa 1 a.m. before gaining ingress to the rear section of the premises. Shortly thereafter, a cinder block purportedly hurtled through a window. Upon entry, Baker purportedly ventured behind the bar and procured four beer taps, depositing them within a receptacle. Subsequently, he was purportedly sighted loading the receptacles into his vehicle.

The incurred damages are estimated to amount to $20,000, according to law enforcement sources.

Fox News Digital has endeavored to elicit comments from both the Daytona Beach Police Department and Hooters.

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