Federal officials argue with each other on immigration, health care, and inflation

Now there’s no election forecast for the near future but it sure felt like federal leaders were out on the campaign Trail a bit today trading barbs pushing.

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau (Image Source: Youtube)

Their party’s priorities Pierre pauliev was even asked if an election is imminent when he was in torreviere Quebec this afternoon cbc’s Karina Roman is in Ottawa with more on how the conservative leader answered that question well.

He said that you always have to be ready in a minority Parliament but the reason he was asked was because there was he was introduced by Eve Levesque.

Who’s a former mayor of 12 riviere who if he would like Pierre polio says would be a great candidate again in the next election whenever it shall be he did run in 2021 for the conservatives.

He gained quite a bit of votes for the party but still came in second. So that started to Spur that election conversation on in terms of questions from reporters there you know all of this we’re hearing from all the leaders today because it we’re leading into the House of Commons returning January 30th just over a week away.

They’re all sort of sharpening their messages and you know trying to use this time to not just spend time with their families and in their writings but to you know push forward with their messages and for the conservatives important for Pierre polio to be in Quebec because to make gains they definitely have to make gains there so the Prime Minister spoke to reporters in Sherwin again Quebec after touring an electric vehicle charger production plant seems to be his tone over the past week talking about electric vehicles.

But what other things what was his type of toll in there overall well it was the second day that he went after Pierre pauliev quite sharply you’ll recall yesterday where you know he sort of said basically implied that the conservative leader is very cozy with the Convoy protesters as we get to the year anniversary of that protest here in Ottawa.

But today he went after Pierre pauliev for his visit in Quebec and his lack of plan for climate change have a listen he has so far refused to put forward any level of seriousness and understanding that fighting climate change and protecting the environment is the only way to ensure good jobs for Canadians across the country in all Industries good mining jobs a good blue-collar energy jobs a good manufacturing jobs good service industry jobs these are all linked to a growing economy that happens when we’re drawing an investment from around the world because we are leading in the solutions that are going to continue to fight climate change I think I wish him luck and hope.

He listens now Peter Paul you have points out that he this is his fourth visit to trois riviere because the Prime Minister said oh it’s nice to see him finally in Quebec well he’s actually been there quite a few times but when asked for what his climate change plan is didn’t really have any concrete policy to share with us yet in fact he talked about green lighting and the Expediting you know projects and he also talked about how we should be increasing our natural gas and oil production to offset.

What’s happening with Russia and Ukraine to help countries who are so dependent on those supplies from Russia so still waiting for details of some kind of climate change plan from the conservative leader yeah NDP leader jug meet Singh he was coming down hard both on Trudeau and polia that is something that the all Party leaders seem to do talk about this strategy well I mean the NDP are always in that tough position of having to go after both parties and not just focus on one leader especially since the Liberals you know have eaten into Union support that the NDP used to rely on and still would like to rely on in terms of its electoral fortunes.

The conservatives especially under pierre-paul you have really going after trying to be the party for the people for the average person for the worker that is definitely the domain again of the NDP so judgment sitting there looking to hold on to you know the base of support but also get back some that it’s lost from those other parties.

So you know Doug beats saying going after both leaders there and so you’ll hear in this next clip how he straddles that have a listen while Daniel Smith and Doug Ford and Heather Stephenson launch a mission to privatize public Universal Canadian Healthcare Justin Trudeau does nothing and Pierre poliev cheers them on now we have heard from the finance critic for the NDP saying that the budget coming up probably the spring sometime March maybe you know will be a real test for that supply and confidence deal between the NDP and the Liberals in terms of the NDP looking to see what more it can push the liberal government to do on its priorities such as health care to be able to see if that agreement lasts.

I just want to share as well Doug meets seeing taking the opportunity in his speech to go off script a little bit and share an anecdote about you know how he his remembering his struggles when he had sort of as a young adult live on his own and take care of his younger brother because his parents weren’t able to at that time and just the struggle that that involved and it was interesting because it felt like he was trying to tell people I don’t just believe in these things because I’m a leader of the NDP it’s not just ideology it’s personal and all leaders you know the the pier play has also tried to do that in terms of talking about their personal stories and having that relate to Canadians so that was just interesting moment this morning Karina Roman in Ottawa.

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