FC Barcelona’s Rollercoaster Ride: Xavi Hernandez’s Take on the 2-2 Draw Against Granada

In the world of football, emotions run high, and every match is a rollercoaster ride. FC Barcelona head coach Xavi Hernandez certainly experienced a whirlwind of emotions as he critiqued his players and the officiating following Sunday night’s dramatic 2-2 draw against Granada.

Barcelona (Image source: Twitter)

This result left Barcelona trailing La Liga leaders Real Madrid by just three points on the brink of the international break. Let’s dissect this thrilling encounter and Xavi’s insights.

A Rocky Start

Barcelona found themselves in a precarious position early in the game, conceding two goals within half an hour, courtesy of the sensational Bryan Zaragoza. The first goal came in less than 30 seconds, setting the tone for an eventful night.

Despite this early setback, Xavi believed his team “deserved more” from the match, as they mounted a spirited comeback. He lamented, “We had patience, we dominated… We take away an insufficient point.” It was a game where Barcelona had the lion’s share of possession and numerous chances, but the final score didn’t reflect their efforts.

The Perfectionist’s Concerns

True to his perfectionist nature, Xavi couldn’t overlook the mistakes made by his Catalan side. He pointed out Bryan’s first goal, criticizing it as an error, particularly highlighting the dispossessing of the usually reliable Gavi. “We had talked about the midfielders pressing, being very aggressive, and it happened. The instruction was to clear it, to play it forward. And it hurt us too quickly,” Xavi remarked.

The second goal, where Bryan skillfully nutmegged Jules Kounde and displayed remarkable patience before firing a shot into Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s top corner, drew Xavi’s attention. He noted that Granada had once again “caught us on the break.”

The Bryan Zaragoza Challenge

Xavi acknowledged the challenge posed by Bryan Zaragoza, describing him as a “bullet” who frequently attacked down the right and was instrumental in Granada’s counterattacks. Stopping Bryan in full stride proved to be a daunting task for Barcelona’s defense.

A Missed Opportunity

Despite being 2-0 down, Barcelona staged a remarkable comeback, with goals from Lamine Yamal and captain Sergi Roberto. In the dying moments of the second half, Joao Felix appeared to score the potential winner, only for it to be controversially disallowed. The referee cited Ferran Torres’ positioning as the reason for the decision, but many argued that he didn’t interfere with the play.

Xavi questioned the decision, asking, “Because the ball goes to the far post and doesn’t bother anyone. Just as he disallowed it, he could have allowed it. But luck was not on our side again.”

Praise for Lamine Yamal

Amidst the twists and turns of the game, Xavi reserved praise for Lamine Yamal, who, with his first-half toe poke from close range, became the youngest goalscorer in La Liga history. Xavi commended the team’s faith in young talents, saying, “I’m happy for his goal; it was important and made a difference in trying to achieve a comeback that didn’t happen due to details.”

Dominating the Game

In conclusion, Xavi emphasized the positives, commending his team’s “patience,” “composure,” and domination throughout the match. He expressed satisfaction with the team’s reaction, despite dropping two points, and believed that this style of play was the way forward.

In the world of football, every match is a learning experience, and FC Barcelona, under Xavi Hernandez’s guidance, continues to evolve and strive for excellence.


1. What were the key moments in the FC Barcelona vs. Granada match?

  • The match featured early goals by Bryan Zaragoza, a spirited Barcelona comeback, a disallowed goal by Joao Felix, and Lamine Yamal’s historic goal.

2. How did Xavi Hernandez assess his team’s performance?

  • Xavi expressed frustration with the early mistakes but praised his team’s patience and domination during the match.

3. Why was Joao Felix’s potential winning goal disallowed?

  • The referee ruled it offside due to Ferran Torres’ positioning, although many argued that he didn’t interfere with the play.

4. Who was the standout player in the match according to Xavi Hernandez?

  • Xavi praised Lamine Yamal for becoming the youngest goalscorer in La Liga history with his goal.

5. What did Xavi Hernandez believe was the way forward for FC Barcelona?

  • Xavi emphasized the importance of patience, composure, and domination in their style of play as they move forward in the season.

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