Exploring the Kikkos Monastery: Alla Pugacheva and Son’s Spiritual Visit in Cyprus

Unveiling the Tranquility of Kikkos Monastery

In a captivating video, Alla Pugacheva’s 10-year-old son, accompanied by his mother and another woman, is seen approaching the entrance of the Kikkos Monastery in Cyprus. This serene location, known as a male monastery nestled high in the mountains, has recently become a focal point for the renowned Russian singer and her family.

A Glimpse into Kikkos Monastery

The video showcases the surroundings of the Kikkos Monastery, a functioning Orthodox male monastery revered for housing one of the most venerated Orthodox relics—the Kikkos Icon of the Mother of God. According to legend, the icon was crafted by the evangelist Saint Luke in the likeness of the Virgin Mary during his earthly journey. Devotees turn to this sacred icon, praying for harmony in their families, protection from adversities, and assistance in their endeavors and prosperity.

Exploring the Kikkos Monastery
Exploring the Kikkos Monastery

Alla Pugacheva’s Visit

Alla Pugacheva, adorned in a stylish total black ensemble, including a black hat and floor-length dress, made her way to the monastery. Accompanying her was her son, Harry, dressed in a more casual outfit with street-style sneakers. The purpose of their visit to the monastery remains undisclosed.

Pugacheva-Galkin Family’s Journey to Cyprus

The Pugacheva-Galkin couple, with their children, relocated to Israel amid the Ukraine conflict. However, due to the escalation of hostilities in Israel, the once-celebrated family in Russia decided to settle in Limassol, Cyprus, as reported by various media outlets.

Alla Pugacheva’s Return to Russia

Despite their Cyprus residency, Alla Pugacheva occasionally makes brief returns to her homeland. During her latest visit, the artist recorded three songs at the “Salam” studio in Tver. Earlier, radio stations “Dorozhnoe” and “Russkaya Doroga” published listener survey results, revealing that 40% of respondents switch stations when a song by the perceived “traitor” artist starts playing.


The spiritual journey to the Kikkos Monastery adds a unique chapter to Alla Pugacheva’s ventures. Whether seeking solace, divine intervention, or simply enjoying the tranquil surroundings, the purpose behind their visit remains a mystery. As the Pugacheva-Galkin family continues their sojourn in Cyprus, the allure of the Kikkos Monastery adds a touch of mystique to their story.

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