Exclusive: Shocking Revelations on Trump’s Bond Struggle Unveiled by Fox News Host!

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro provided an explanation on Tuesday for Donald Trump's difficulty in securing an appeal bond for his civil bank fraud fine, attributing it to factors such as “” and the presence of “immigrants all over” New York City.

Jeanine Pirro
Jeanine Pirro (Image source: )

Trump has faced challenges in obtaining a bond from nearly 30 bond companies, as real estate is seldom accepted as collateral. He needs to furnish around half a billion dollars in cash to cover the fine, interest, and any lender fees.

Pirro expressed dismay at the situation, stating that bond companies are cautious due to the unstable nature of the real estate market in New York. She also criticized New York City, alleging high levels of crime and , and suggesting it is on the verge of financial instability.

Trump was fined for artificially inflating the value of his assets to secure better loans and deflating their value for tax purposes.

Pirro proceeded to critique Democrats for the state of New York and accused of being an authoritarian figure. She also disparaged James as “trashy” for her remarks about monitoring one of Trump's properties on Wall Street.

Meanwhile, on Fox Business Network, Larry Kudlow asked Kevin O'Leary to loan Trump the money, but O'Leary avoided a direct response, instead calling for intervention and labeling the civil penalty as an “attack on America.”

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