Exclusive: Melania Trump’s Former Confidante Reveals Shocking Campaign Insights!

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, previously close to Melania Trump, has shared her perspective on the former first lady's campaign message.

Donald Trump and Melania Voting Today
Voting Today (Image source: Twitter)

Although she has maintained a low profile in recent years, the 53-year-old was seen alongside her husband, , as he addressed reporters in Palm Beach, Florida. Trump is poised as the presumptive Republican candidate for the upcoming general election, having secured enough delegate votes during the primaries.

When asked if she would be accompanying him on the campaign trail, Melania Trump responded with a vague “Stay tuned.”

Wolkoff, known for her book “Melania and Me: The Rise & Fall of a Friendship,” posted her interpretation of Melania's response on social media.

“Let me interpret this for you: DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH!,” she wrote alongside the clip, attracting over 73,000 views for her analysis.

Some users agreed with Wolkoff's assessment, citing Melania's apparent lack of enthusiasm standing beside Trump.

However, others disagreed with Wolkoff's interpretation, dismissing her viewpoint as unsubstantial.

Wolkoff, a long-time friend of Melania Trump's, served in the from 2017, contributing to the planning of the former president's inauguration. She later worked as an unpaid aide to the first lady before leaving her position in 2018.

Her departure followed scrutiny over inauguration spending, with The Times reporting on the matter. This led to a Justice Department into Wolkoff's firm, WIS Services, which was paid $26 million for organizing the event. Wolkoff asserted that she was unfairly targeted, receiving only $1.6 million of the fee. She detailed her experiences in “Melania and Me: The Rise & Fall of a Friendship,” published in September 2020.

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