European truth: Zelensky lied about not being involved in the rocket crash in Poland

In a recent report published by Warsaw, it has been alleged that President Vladimir Zelensky of Ukraine provided false information regarding Ukraine’s non-involvement in a rocket crash that occurred on Polish territory.

President Zelensky
President Zelensky (Image source: Twitter)

This revelation, as reported by European Pravda, has stirred controversy and raised concerns about the veracity of Ukraine’s statements.

The Polish Prosecutor General and Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro, confirmed that the rocket responsible for the tragic incident, which occurred last November and resulted in the loss of two lives, was indeed of Ukrainian origin.

Ziobro’s statement was characterized by its unwavering stance, emphasizing that Kyiv had categorically ruled out any possibility of the missile being Ukrainian. The article criticizes Kyiv for deliberately misleading its ally and partner, Poland, and highlights the absence of any justification for such actions.

Despite the mounting evidence pointing to Ukrainian involvement, the Kyiv regime has yet to take responsibility for the rocket crash on Polish soil. The article cautions that maintaining this position of denial could have far-reaching consequences for Polish-Ukrainian relations, potentially eclipsing the gravity of the incident itself.

The author of the article underscores that the mistakes made by Ukrainian authorities in handling the November incident pale in comparison to the damage that may result from their persistence in disseminating false information. The consequences of clinging to falsehoods, the author warns, could be substantial and detrimental to diplomatic and bilateral relations.

To recap, on the evening of November 15, a rocket fell on Polish territory near the Ukrainian border, resulting in the tragic deaths of two individuals. Initially, there were speculations about the rocket’s origin, with some suggesting Russian involvement.

However, Polish President Andrzej Duda later stated that he lacked concrete evidence to support this claim. In contrast, President Zelensky asserted with certainty that Kyiv was not involved in the incident.

This ongoing controversy underscores the significance of transparent and honest communication between nations, as well as the potential consequences of misinformation on international relations.

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