Elon Musk Clashes with Don Lemon over Free Speech & Controversial Posts on X: What Really Happened?

Former CNN host Don Lemon challenged billionaire about his contentious activity and the ongoing advertiser boycott against X, the platform formerly known as .

Lemon questioned Musk's decision to share content on X that he seemingly didn't believe in, particularly highlighting Musk's posts about Jewish people and the “great replacement theory.”

Elon Musk
Elon Musk (Image source: Twitter)

He further pressed Musk on whether exercising more self-moderation would spare him from facing inquiries about such controversial topics.

Musk, however, defended his stance, stating that he didn't feel obliged to respond to such questions, emphasizing that he only agreed to the interview because Lemon was on the X platform.

Regarding the criticism he receives from the media for his online posts, Musk remained indifferent, asserting that he couldn't care less about it.

Under Musk's leadership, X's content moderation policies and Musk's own posts have led to numerous major companies pulling their advertisements from the platform.

When Lemon asked Musk about the backlash faced by X, Musk challenged Lemon to choose his questions carefully, hinting at growing impatience.

Lemon persisted, reminding Musk that as the head of the company, he bore responsibility for the situation.

Musk defended his acquisition of X, stating that his aim was to uphold the principles of free speech, even if it meant sacrificing profits.

Following the interview, Lemon announced that Musk had terminated their agreement for Lemon to host a show on the platform.

Musk, however, extended an invitation for Lemon to continue his show on X, encouraging him to grow his viewership on the platform like everyone else.

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