During a visit to an auto company, Trudeau contrasts his approach with Poilievre’s “negative” manner

The prime minister is in Windsor Ontario this afternoon Justin Trudeau toured. The sealant is steel plant and met with workers there afterward.

He spoke with reporters, and he was asked with the one-year anniversary of the truckers Convoy approaching if he had any Reflections Trudeau took the opportunity to contrast, his approach with conservative leader Pierre pilaf yeah.

It’s a better question to ask Mr poliov. He seems a lot closer to the Convoy my Approach is very much on making sure that we’re delivering good jobs and good opportunities for Canadians.

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau (Image Source: Youtube)

We know that people are worried and even frustrated about how the world is unfolding around them and as a politician you have two choices you can either try and amplify those fears and make people even matter reflect that anger.

That uncertainty that people are legitimately feeling because the world is changing in unpredictable ways reflects that back at them without offering real solutions or you can choose to buckle down and deliver on the kinds of things that are going to make people feel confident in their own future the CBC’s Korean Roman was listening in from her post in Ottawa and she joins us now live so Karina what did you make of Justin Trudeau’s pointed remarks about Pierre poliev kind of fit into the whole feeling of this event it felt very campaign-like.

I mean we’re nowhere near an election from the sounds of it but you know it was very appointed Barbed comments. There you know making the point that Pierre pauliev is very close to some of the Convoy protesters of course you know that. he feels you know are probably not the kind of people you want to be close to if we’re talking about the kind of truck horn blasting and other things.

That went on during that time that said um you know he was there and not making an announcement which is why I say It was kind of like a campaign he was there just to tour he has been to this plant before to make an announcement billions of dollars, in fact, to upgrade to start making electric vehicles and you know today.

He had lots of accolades for the unions but when it came to these comments about the Convoy clearly wanting to contrast himself with Pierre pauliev you know talking about how he understands the legitimate anger and concerns that people had then and perhaps still have now, especially in terms of the cost of living that kind of thing but that there are different ways of dealing with it and you heard him there saying you know they’re accusing Peter pauliev basically of amplifying those fears of feeding that anger as opposed to coming up with Solutions.

He also used the opportunity you didn’t hear there to once again make the Dig against Pierre paulievable the cryptocurrency advice that at one time.

He gave Pierre poliev saying you know to opt out of inflation you could invest in cryptocurrency and of course, the Liberals have made lots of hay with that comment constantly bringing it up as an example of bad financial advice.

He also used this opportunity to highlight I suppose you mean sort of the Statesman position that he holds as prime minister he made many references to the leader’s Summit last week in Mexico City at his meetings with the Mexican president and with U.S President Joe Biden you know really seeming to want to amplify.

The idea that you know he is the prime minister Minister making these very important trips making very important decisions and meeting with very important people and let’s talk talking about important decisions and important people the premiers and what did he have to say about progress on a health care deal with the provinces because that’s been hinted at for the last couple of days yes it has and yesterday he made that very strong hint saying he hopes to have something to announce soon.

Then we heard from my colleague David Cochran getting a feel from premieres that something you know could be imminent in February the question today was well you’ve been saying all this there have been strong hints but then the health Minister saying oh there’s still a lot of work to be done.

So where does the truth lie was the nature of the question for the Prime Minister and he said you know neither of that is contradictory that you know there is still a lot of work to be done a lot of work has been done he talked about the shared concerns that both the federal government and the premiers have you know that we need more family doctors that there are these surgical backlogs we need to do more and better elder care that there are specific challenges post-pandemic.

He did basically confirm that there will be more money on the table from the federal government that is a given but what has also become a given is that the provinces are going to probably agree to some kind of accountability measure um you know for these quote-unquote shared priorities.

What he said at the end was quite interesting because he said you know because the premiers are hearing what we’ve been hearing as well from Canadians which is that you know Canadians really want a reliable and accessible Health Care System and you know what he’s hinting at there is you can’t keep quibbling about who’s at fault and it’s their fault we don’t have enough money and they’re not doing enough when people are you know dying in emergency rooms for example.

So eventually the political pressure from the people from Canadians is enough to make everyone start to agree and come to some kind of consensus Karina thank you the CBC’s Karina Roman lives in Ottawa.

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