Dragon Ball’s 40-Year Legacy: Celebrating ‘Daima’ and What’s Next

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Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball (Image source: Twitter)

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Dragon Ball is poised to celebrate its remarkable 40-year legacy in grand fashion. Akira Toriyama’s revered creation continues to captivate audiences four decades after its debut, marking the occasion with the forthcoming release of “Dragon Ball: Daima,” a new anime series deeply intertwined with its creator’s vision. Toriyama’s active involvement is a significant return, considering his absence from recent franchise installments.

The journey commenced in 1984 when Toriyama first introduced “Dragon Ball” as a manga series within the pages of Weekly Shōnen Jump. This epic narrative spanned 11 years and encompassed 519 individual chapters. In 1989, “Dragon Ball” made its transition to the small screen under Toei Animation’s guidance, evolving into “Dragon Ball” and later “Dragon Ball Z,” faithfully adapting Toriyama’s creation until 1996. This series reached audiences worldwide, making it the most beloved Japanese animated series in history.

The franchise’s influence expanded exponentially, spawning video games, theme park attractions, an array of merchandise, books, board games, card games, and, of course, a series of films and additional television adaptations. Recent productions included the television sensation “Dragon Ball Super” and the blockbuster film “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.” And now, a new anime is on the horizon.

Toei Animation has granted eager fans a first look at “Dragon Ball: Daima” through its debut trailer, set to premiere next year. As the trailer unfolds, it’s evident that this new series pays homage to the original, a departure from recent franchise releases. This nostalgic touch was thoughtfully incorporated to rekindle the fervor of long-time enthusiasts and celebrate 40 years of “Dragon Ball.”

What’s in Store for “Dragon Ball: Daima”? Dragon Ball: DaimaToei Animation The heart of the “Dragon Ball” saga revolves around Goku, a young alien dispatched to Earth, echoing the iconic origin tale of Superman.

The initial series traces his exploits from a tender age, showcasing his remarkable combat prowess as he embarks on a quest with Bulma to seek the Dragon Balls – mystical orbs that can fulfill any wish when collected. In the subsequent series, “Dragon Ball Z,” Goku has matured, and the narrative shifts its focus to his family, who must confront a slew of adversaries to safeguard humanity.

Chronologically, “Dragon Ball: Daima” unfolds between the events of “Dragon Ball Z” and “Dragon Ball Super.” As a result, it’s unlikely to incorporate the recent transformations of the formidable Saiyans, such as Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct.

Instead, the anime promises an alternative storyline where the heroes assume youthful appearances, as hinted in the trailer. The official synopsis reads:

“Due to a devious conspiracy, Goku and his comrades are transformed into miniature versions of themselves. To set things right, they embark on a grand adventure in an enigmatic and unfamiliar realm, brimming with intense action.”

Furthermore, a brand-new animated “Dragon Ball” film is already in the works, following the success of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” in 2022. Anticipated to grace screens in late 2024 or early 2025, this cinematic installment promises to be yet another thrilling addition to the franchise’s enduring legacy.

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