Covid tests needed from Chinese travelers

A growing number of countries now require people arriving from China to show negative covid-19 tests Beijing has reopened its borders after nearly three years of pandemic travel restrictions.

But China’s surging coronavirus infections are making other nations nervous a rare glimpse of the pressure doctors are now under hospitals across China are overwhelmed after the government scrapped its strict zero covid policy in early December.

The virus is now seemingly Unstoppable as it rips through the population. If there are State cover controls there’ll be fewer people getting sick now it’s suddenly all opened up most people are infected.


And that’s what’s alarming the outside world an increasing number of countries are now demanding to screen for travelers arriving from China at the national level or be fully vaccinated.

But that’s angered the Chinese even though authorities there demand mandatory PCR tests for travelers entering China all country’s covid-19 control measures should be scientific.

And appropriate people-to-people contact as well as cooperation days many Chinese are making the most of their newfound freedom. But as infection rates rise those who want to travel abroad may find themselves facing extra hurdles.

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