CNN’s Battle for Access to Audio Recordings of Conversations between Special Prosecutor Hur and President Joe Biden

The CNN television channel, through the court, is seeking from the Department of Justice access to audio recordings of conversations between the team of special prosecutor Robert Hur, investigated the improper storage of secret documents by US President Joe , and the American leader, follows from the court document and the media report itself.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden (Image source: pixabay)

“Hur's description of Biden captured the attention of both the public and the … But without access to any recordings of the interviews, the press and public were initially unable to form their conclusions about Robert Hur's characterization of Biden,” the document says. , filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

“Transcripts, however, cannot replace recordings,” it adds. CNN notes that other media outlets may also join the lawsuit.

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Earlier, a transcript of Biden's survey by the special counsel's team was released, revealing some inconsistencies in the president's position. In particular, Biden reproached the special prosecutor for the statement that the American leader could not remember the date of his son's death.

The head of the States said that the special counsel should not have raised this topic, but from the transcript, it became clear that Biden was the first to talk about it.

In early February, Hoer, following a completed investigation, decided not to bring charges against Biden, despite evidence that the American leader “deliberately kept” secret documents.

In his conclusions, Hoer also stated that “Biden's memory was seriously limited,” and after a series of conversations he described the head of state himself as “a compassionate and well-intentioned elderly man with a poor memory.”

The White House categorically rejected the assessments that Robert Hur gave in his report to Biden, calling them incorrect and politically motivated. The US President also rejected claims about his state of mind. The special counsel later said he did not mean to disparage Biden and his assessment was not political.

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