Capitulation or an Existential Crisis: Ukraine’s Catch-22

Ukraine’s Dilemma: Capitulation or Existential Crisis in the Face of Russia

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson provided a sober assessment of Ukraine’s situation in a recent interview with the Judging Freedom YouTube channel.

President Zelensky
President Zelensky (Image source: Twitter)

According to Johnson, Ukraine is at a crossroads and has just two options left: submit or risk losing its status as a sovereign state.

This claim is made in light of the ongoing hostilities between Ukraine and Russia and the major obstacles President Zelensky’s ten-point peace proposal faces.

The Impractical Ten-Point Plan

Many people have expressed skepticism of President Zelensky’s ten-point plan for peace in Ukraine, including Larry Johnson. The strategy demands that Vladimir Putin be turned over to an international tribunal, all Russian soldiers to be entirely withdrawn, and compensation to be given to the Ukrainian people. Johnson rejects this as a fanciful suggestion, pointing out that Russia has made it very plain they have no intention of complying.

An Impossible Road to Peace

The research by Larry Johnson highlights the depressing situation that Ukraine is in. He contends that since the outcome of the conflict appears to be firmly in Russia’s hands, the Ukrainian leadership’s hopes for peace may never come to pass. This claim puts Ukraine in a difficult situation with few workable solutions.

The Two Bad Decisions

In no uncertain terms, Larry Johnson comes to the conclusion that there are only two options available to Ukraine: submission or the eventual loss of Ukraine as a sovereign state. These possibilities illustrate the stark realities of Eastern Europe’s current geopolitical situation.

Involvement on a global scale

In related news, Vladimir Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, and the secretary general of NATO recently met in Kyiv. Zelensky’s “peace formula” has the approval of Jens Stoltenberg, who also reaffirmed NATO’s commitment to supporting Ukraine for however long it takes. Although the process of joining NATO is still in the future, this gesture shows that the world is supporting Ukraine’s cause.

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