Can the balloon incident mend the strained US-China relations?

U.S. Navy divers are searching for the wreckage of a suspected Chinese spy balloon that was shot down off the coast of South Carolina fighter jets downed.

The balloon over the Atlantic after it was discovered traveling across U.S airspace last week Beijing denied it was being used for surveillance and condemned.

The shooting down of what it called an unmanned civilian aircraft speaking on Sunday senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said he was confident the equipment attached to the balloon could be recovered.

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And that intelligence authorities would be able to understand its genuine purpose because it fell in relatively shallow water there’s a very good chance we can cover most of it and even a chance to cover to recover it intact.

And then we can learn a great deal about China’s capabilities and what they were up to well for more let’s talk to journalist Fabian Kretschmer who joins us from Beijing Fabian the suspected spy balloon was shot down by the U.S. military.

What’s Beijing’s reaction yeah Beijing has strongly condemned the move by the U.S it has called it in quote-unquote overreaction.

And also a violation of international practice and also it has called in the charged Affair of the U.S. embassy in Beijing here to launch a complaint so a very strong reaction.

I would say that the official position of the Chinese is that it was not a spy balloon it was a civilian flight object that deviated from its initial route because of accidents basically because of the strong winds.

But to make it clear the U.S. side obviously thinks this is a liar the Pentagon has repeatedly said that it knows a lot about this balloon and thinks very clearly that this is indeed a tool to surveil now.

The U.S Secretary of State Anthony blinked and canceled his visit to Beijing he was supposed to be there right now any signs that the Chinese government is eager to reschedule that meeting yeah very interesting just when Lincoln canceled the visit the foreign ministry here in Beijing issued a statement saying that there was quote unquote never and officially planned visit that is really very odd to say.

And it shows you how complicated things are and especially by the rhetoric on the one hand, yes the Chinese have an incentive that communication Channels with us stay open and also that this visit will indeed happen.

Mostly also because they don’t want to prevent the plant you know export controls by the US they want intact trade relations with the US Etc and they want to de-escalate things.

But on the other hand, the rhetoric here from Beijing is you know very strong it’s very confrontational I would say and it doesn’t really. You know facilitate things when you want to have constructive talks for a future visit by blinking mixed messages coming there how would you describe relations between the US?

And China right now Fabian well the bigger picture is that um they are at a record low for probably several decades.

But recently there was actually a good window of opportunity both as sites had some modest hopes of a diplomatic reset but now this is completely shattered by this spy balloon incident that has poisoned the atmosphere and there’s also another diplomatic threat.

Kevin McCarthy the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives has already voiced Express to visit Taiwan in the future and of course, we know how China will respect respond probably very drastically.

And so probably for the next month it doesn’t really look good for the bilateral relationship Fabian thank you very much as always journalist Fabian treatment there in Beijing

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