Bryce Harper’s Game-Changing Feud with Orlando Arcia in NLDS Game 3

In the third inning of Game 3 of the NLDS, Bryce Harper catapulted the Phillies ahead of the Braves with a monumental three-run home run off Bryce Elder, shifting the score to 4-1.

Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper (Image source: Twitter)

As he circuited the bases after depositing the ball into the upper tier of the right field, Harper paused to fix his gaze upon Orlando Arcia, the Braves’ shortstop.

Upon reaching second base, Harper’s attention seemed to linger on Arcia for a brief spell.

This occurrence followed Harper’s unfortunate base-running mishap in Game 2. According to a report by Fox Sports’s Jake Mintz, Arcia had apparently taunted Harper while celebrating the Braves’ victory in their clubhouse post-game.

Harper’s actions on Wednesday indicated that he had indeed heard Arcia’s comments, and he seemed to relish the moment as he jogged past, singlehandedly altering the course of Game 3 with a single swing of his bat.

And just in case his initial intense stare during his first circumnavigation of the bases wasn’t clear enough, Harper connected with a second home run in the fifth inning, once more engaging in a prolonged exchange of glances with Arcia as he rounded the bag.

With two home runs to his name in Game 3, it is safe to affirm that Harper had the ultimate retort in this silent feud.

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