Breaking: Shocking Details Unveiled in Moscow Terror Attack – Who’s Really to Blame?

Reports from news agencies indicate that all four individuals involved in the recent terror attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow have been apprehended near the country's western border with Ukraine. Additionally, seven others have been taken into custody, while authorities continue their search for any remaining accomplices.

Concert Hall
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The attack, claimed by ISIS, occurred during a concert at one of Moscow's major entertainment venues, resulting in the deaths of 133 people, with many more injured. Investigations have revealed that the attackers used automatic weapons and flammable materials to carry out the assault.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to seek retribution against those responsible for the attack. While he did not directly acknowledge ISIS's claim, he hinted at the possibility of Ukrainian involvement, citing the detention of suspects attempting to cross the border into Ukraine.

Crocus City Hall
Crocus City Hall (Image source: Twitter)

However, Ukrainian officials have vehemently denied any involvement and cautioned against attributing blame falsely. Despite ISIS claiming responsibility, some figures have accused Ukraine and Western nations of complicity in the attack.

The States has condemned the terrorist act, expressing condolences to the victims' families and standing in solidarity with the Russian people. They also revealed sharing intelligence with Russia regarding ISIS's plans for similar attacks in Moscow.

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