Breaking: Capitol Police Unveil Game-Changing Body Camera Program! Find Out What It Means for Public Trust and Officer Safety!

The Capitol initiated a pilot program on Monday, introducing body-worn cameras to enhance the safety of its officers and members of Congress, while also aiming to bolster public trust, according to the Chief.

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Seventy Capitol Police officers are set to wear these cameras over the course of the 180-day trial period. Additionally, eleven Capitol Police cruisers will be equipped with dashboard cameras that activate automatically when emergency lights are engaged.

Chief Tom Manger expressed confidence in the initiative, stating, “I was confident that the cameras would do two things. First, they would remind the public just how challenging the profession can be. Second, the cameras would also showcase the great work our cops do day in and day out. This is a great accountability tool for everyone.”

However, it's important to note that the body cameras will not be utilized within Capitol buildings or during interactions with members of Congress, as this measure aims to preserve the constitutional duties of lawmakers. Instead, they will primarily record public interactions necessitating a police response.

Officers will notify individuals at the start of an interaction if they are being recorded. The cameras will capture both video and audio during instances where officers use firearms or tasers.

The decision to implement body-worn cameras follows a security review conducted after the events of January 6, which recommended their use to enhance police accountability and safeguard officers against unfounded allegations.

Upon completion of the pilot program, a task force comprising both sworn officers and civilian supervisors will evaluate feedback to determine its effectiveness. Chief Manger will subsequently make a recommendation to congressional stakeholders regarding the establishment of a permanent body-worn camera program.

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