Bihar Train Accident: A Night of Chaos and Heroism

Bihar Train Accident: In the dead of night, a terrifying noise shattered the silence, jolting everyone from their slumber. What ensued was a harrowing event that would test the limits of human compassion and resilience.

North East Express
Train Accident (Image source: Twitter)

This article sheds light on the tragic Bihar Train Accident, highlighting the heroic actions of the villagers who rushed to aid the distressed passengers.

Shock and Chaos

The night was enveloped in darkness, with the North East Express hurtling towards its destination. Passengers had just savored their meals, and some were preparing to retire for the night when a deafening sound reverberated through the train, shattering the calm.

The realization of an impending disaster sent shockwaves through the travelers. Panic ensued, and the darkness only intensified the chaos.

Derailment and Turmoil

The train’s bogies had derailed, thrusting the air-conditioned coach from the downline to the upline. The accident occurred near the western Gumti of Raghunathpur station. Given the late hour, local markets were deserted, but news of the catastrophe spread like wildfire.

It was in this moment of despair that the true essence of society and humanity came to the fore. People from villages situated fifteen to twenty kilometers away made a desperate dash to reach the accident site, employing every means available.

A Ray of Hope

People from the Diara area also answered the call for assistance, with villages like Bharkhar, Rahthua, Kant, Kaithi, Dhodhanpur, Babudera, and more, rallying to the cause. In the eyes of the injured, a glimmer of hope began to emerge. The first responder was the in-charge of Brahmapur police station, Ranjit Kumar.

An hour later, the district administration team arrived. By that time, the local villagers had already initiated the process of rescuing passengers. In the pitch darkness, relief efforts were severely hampered, prompting villagers to fetch a generator from the vicinity to provide much-needed lighting.

The Unwavering Response

Villagers swiftly organized themselves to assist. Some carried water, while others evacuated children. Good Samaritans like former chief Vinod Ojha, Shailesh Kumar, Vishal Singh, Anand Sharma, and many more volunteered their services. It was a race against time to save lives, and these individuals were determined to make a difference.

Acts of Opportunism

Even in the face of disaster, there were those who saw an opportunity for personal gain. One individual attempted to abscond with a passenger’s belongings, drawing the ire of onlookers.

The bag was swiftly wrested from his grasp and handed over to the authorities. Inside the bag were valuable items, including jewelry. The police reprimanded the individual and released him with a warning. While everyone else was occupied with rescuing the injured, this individual’s actions painted a stark contrast.

Midnight Gathering

The magnitude of the accident was evident as a crowd gathered into the late hours of the night. Among the passengers was Anju Devi, who had boarded the train in Varanasi with her family, unaware of the impending calamity. Anju recounted the chaos within the overcrowded train as it came to a sudden halt, with passengers falling on top of each other. Her family, along with other survivors, had to fight their way out.

Ambulances arrived at the scene, and injured passengers were rushed to the Primary Health Centre in Raghunathpur. Buxar was also called into action, as seriously injured individuals were sent to Patna. The commotion at Buxar station was palpable, and train operations had to be temporarily suspended. Ambulances with blaring sirens continued to transport victims, even as the situation gradually came under control.

Political Reactions

In the wake of the North East Express accident, political figures responded to the tragedy. BJP state president Samrat Chaudhary expressed condolences for the four lives lost and commended the swift initiation of relief and rescue efforts by the Railways. However, he voiced concerns about the insensitivity displayed by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who waited 12 hours before expressing condolences and providing advice.

The Railways promptly announced financial assistance, offering Rs 10 lakh to the dependents of the deceased, Rs 2 lakh to the seriously injured, and Rs 50,000 to those with minor injuries. A special train was arranged to transport stranded passengers to their destinations.

Unanswered Questions

In the era of social media, speculation runs rampant. Many are questioning whether the Bihar train accident was the result of foul play. Initial investigations have revealed broken railway tracks at multiple locations, but the exact cause of the accident remains a mystery. The incident leaves behind a shroud of uncertainty that continues to capture public attention.

In conclusion, the Bihar Train Accident was a night of chaos and heroism, as the resilience of ordinary citizens shone brightly amid the darkness. While the incident remains a subject of investigation, the selfless actions of villagers and the collective response to the crisis serve as a testament to the strength of humanity in times of adversity.

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