Biden’s message for the Transgender Day of Visibility goes against Christianity

The executive mansion is counteracting prominent Republicans' deceptive critiques of for releasing a decree endorsing transgender individuals on the concurrent day as Easter.

A spokesperson for the commander-in-chief rebuffed the assaults from the Speaker of the House and others, asserting that Biden's declaration for the Transgender Day of Visibility does not contradict Christianity.

President Biden
President Biden (Image source: Twitter)

Being an adherent of Christianity who commemorates Easter with kin, President Biden advocates for uniting people and safeguarding the respect and liberties of all Americans, as articulated by White House representative Andrew Bates in remarks to ABC News.

Regrettably, it is not unexpected that politicians are striving to fragment and enfeeble our nation with malicious, malevolent, and deceitful rhetoric. Bates appended that President Biden will never exploit his religious convictions for political motives or financial gain.

Biden, who is solely the second Catholic president of and regularly attends religious services, encountered escalating conservative censure over the weekend due to a decree he issued on Friday commemorating the exceptional valor and contributions of transgender Americans for the Transgender Day of Visibility, an annual event on March 31st.

Since assuming office in 2021, President Biden has consistently proclaimed March 31 as the Transgender Day of Visibility.

In a recent statement marking Easter, President Biden reflected on the significance of hope and the found in Christ's Resurrection. As families gather, they commemorate Jesus' sacrifice, extending prayers for one another and embracing the emergence of new prospects.

Expressing dissent, Speaker Mike Johnson took to X to assert that the Biden administration has strayed from the core essence of Easter, namely, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He denounced the President's declaration of Easter Sunday as ‘Transgender Day,' despite it being a recognized occasion since 2009.

When approached for elaboration by ABC News, Johnson's office remained silent.

Former 2024 GOP presidential contender and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy echoed Johnson's sentiments through his own posts.

Similarly, Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, a former Republican presidential aspirant, reached out to supporters via text, coupling his message with a donation link, decrying what he deemed an affront to Christians everywhere.

Former President Trump's campaign also chimed in, condemning Biden's proclamation as sacrilegious.

Karoline Leavitt, spokesperson for the Trump campaign, demanded an apology from Biden's administration to the multitude of Catholics and Christians nationwide who hold Easter sacred.

Trump, known for questioning his adversaries' religious convictions, has a track record in this regard.

In response to the attacks, allies of Biden are pushing back.

Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia, a pastor in Atlanta, decried the attempts to sow division, labeling it antithetical to the principles of the Christian faith.

Further criticism of Biden this Easter weekend pertains to an egg art competition for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll scheduled for Monday. Trump, Johnson, Scott, and Ramaswamy have each alleged that religious depictions have been banned as part of the contest.

According to a spokesperson for the American Egg Board, which collaborates with the White House for the event, such depictions are not allowed due to federal guidelines that prohibit favoritism towards any religion. This stipulation has been in place for years.

International Transgender Day of Visibility
International Transgender Day of Visibility

The board, established by Congress, is bound by these guidelines and has included language to this effect in their promotions for decades.

The flyer for this year's youth egg art contest outlines restrictions that include avoiding discrimination, illegal substances, firearms, or any controversial content, as well as religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements.

The American Egg Board reiterated its longstanding support for the White House Easter Egg Roll and emphasized that the guideline language referenced in recent reports has been consistent since its inception, spanning various administrations.

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