Biden’s Campaign Surges Ahead in Fundraising Race: Financial Edge and Strategic Moves

President 's reelection campaign has surged ahead in fundraising, reporting $21 million in contributions for February, leaving them with a substantial $71 million in cash reserves by month-end.

US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden (Image source: @AP)

When combined with the Democratic Committee, their total cash on hand reaches an impressive $97.5 million, overshadowing the $44.8 million held by Trump's campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Despite trailing Trump in early general election polls, Biden's financial lead is seen as advantageous. Trump's fundraising efforts have lagged behind, with significant sums diverted to cover legal expenses through a leadership PAC. In contrast, Biden's campaign has spent a modest $122,000 on legal services.

Biden's campaign aims to capitalize on this financial strength by ramping up advertising efforts, including a $30 million TV and digital ad campaign launched this spring. However, Biden's fundraising still falls short of Trump's during the same period in 2020.

During a fundraiser in Dallas, Biden celebrated his grassroots fundraising success while mocking Trump's financial situation. While February expenditures totaled $6.3 million, March expenses are expected to increase significantly. After Biden's , the campaign initiated a new swing-state ad campaign, spending $1.9 million on advertising in just one week.

The campaign saw a significant uptick in contributions following the State of the Union, raising $10 million within 24 hours. Payroll expenses increased from January to February, and the campaign plans to onboard over 300 staff members in March, particularly in swing states where staffing was previously minimal.

Major expenditure categories include media and purchases, travel, and text messaging. Additionally, the campaign spent nearly $2,000 at Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, a favorite of Biden's and conveniently located near campaign headquarters in Wilmington.

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