AG Letitia James Slams Trump’s $464M Fraud Judgment Appeal: What You Need to Know!

New York Attorney General Letitia James is challenging Donald 's request for a stay on his $464 million civil fraud judgment, deeming it “extraordinary.” James argues that Trump's recent plea is unreliable, procedurally flawed, and based on faulty reasoning.

Donald Trump
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Senior Assistant Solicitor General Dennis Fan stated in a recent filing that it's not unusual for even billion-dollar judgments to be fully bonded during appeals. He countered Trump's argument against selling assets to secure collateral, asserting that the alternative would unfairly shift the risk to the Attorney General's office.

Trump's legal team had claimed earlier this week that he couldn't obtain a bond for the sizable judgment due to its magnitude and the rejection of over 30 insurance companies. However, James countered by questioning Trump's efforts to secure a bond using properties as collateral, suggesting that Trump's holdings aren't as valuable as claimed.

The filing criticized Trump's failure to provide documentary evidence of his efforts to secure the bond and argued that his holdings may have been refused as collateral due to appraisal requirements and their actual value.

If Trump can't secure a single bond for the $464 million judgment, James proposed the option of obtaining multiple smaller bonds or consenting to have his real estate assets held by the to satisfy the judgment.

The filing also raised concerns about affirmations provided by Trump Organization General Counsel Alan Garten and Trump's broker Gary Giulietti, labeling them as unreliable. It highlighted Giulietti's previous involvement as an expert witness for the defendants and his interest in the case's outcome.

In February, Judge Arthur Engoron had ordered Trump to pay $464 million in disgorgement and interest for engaging in business with fraudulent financial statements. Trump was also barred from leading any New York company for three years, while his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, faced fines and two-year bans, despite denying any wrongdoing.

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