After several mistakes, the German defense minister is planning to step down

Here in Germany media reports suggest the defense minister is planning to resign. Casino Lambrecht has come under scrutiny for a number of blunders most recently an official unofficial New Year’s message.

bundestag, german flag, reichstag, bundestagswahl, germany, capital, flag, architecture, building, government district, berlin
bundestag, german flag, reichstag, bundestagswahl, germany, capital, flag, architecture, building, government district, berlin

That critic found it distasteful that she also allowed her son to fly with her on official business in a government helicopter Lambert a member of Chancellor Olaf Schultz’s social.

Democrats have taken heat for failing to reform Germany’s military fast enough DW’s political correspondents Emily Godine has more on this story for us Emily has plenty of criticism here for the defense minister.

What more can you tell us about the uh report that she’s about to resign well National newspapers have actually come out on Friday saying that she officially resigned as defense minister.

She has already apparently spoken to Chancellor Schultz about her resignation and she’s planning on making that decision public next week now as you just said this comes amid a series of blunders and mini scandals almost as I would put it um you know.

She’s not necessarily these scandals have not necessarily erupted because her politics is so terrible it’s because of like small missteps, this feeling as if she’s not fit for the job and with these sort of you know.

She’s got terrible press and that’s just made her look that’s just been a huge embarrassment not just for her but also for the chancellor himself and so these rumors come at a time where people think yeah it might be time to go for her.

So what has she been like as a defense minister what are some of these blunders that have taken place a lot of smaller scales these blunders have been you know she showed up at a military training site and she was wearing high heels, so just she just looked out of step out of touch with her surroundings.

Then I’d also turned out that she had a nail appointment during official working hours it’s like small things where you think are you not taking your job seriously.

The problem with that is obviously the context right, we’re dealing with the war in Ukraine the German reputation already appears you know to be very hesitant, when it comes to Arms deliveries when you look at the state of the German Army.

It doesn’t look very good you know we recently had a training exercise with Pumas that were meant to be sent to the NATO Eastern flank they all failed so you know we’re already in the middle of you know a difficult time for the German government.

Where it is under pressure for its attitude and for its behavior in this whole conflict and then you have a defense minister.

She appears not fit for the job so it is very difficult and if you look at her career in itself I mean. She used to be Justice Minister under the last government under Merkel um and after that, she actually had announced that she’d be you know leaving politics.

Then to everyone’s surprise she reappeared and became defense minister which in his roommates, she also didn’t really want she wanted to become an interior minister so it comes all of this you know it just doesn’t fit into this whole picture very well um it appears she didn’t want the job.

She didn’t do a particularly good job in terms of you know her press just wasn’t very good um in terms of her politics there’s not much you can say about it but um yeah I don’t think it comes as a big surprise to others now just briefly what does this mean for all of Schultz’s cabinet and for the government well.

I mean a lot of people in the government itself and in government circles were expecting a cabinet reshuffle anyways because the interior minister is set to join um the the the the um the election of Hessen which is the area of the region the central region in mid-Germany around Frankfurt.

So that would mean she’d have to leave her position as interior Minister and um so there would have been a reshuffle anyways but obviously, you know it doesn’t look fantastic for him because she apparently had to you know he has to admit in some way or another that he maybe has made a mistake with her which he is very reluctant to admit um on an international level I mean not much is going to change.

I assume the decisions of arms deliveries are not just solely her decision it’s the decision that Olaf Charles makes in his coalition government together with Alliance Partners um but yeah I mean it doesn’t um brighten up Germany’s reputation when it comes to its military and defense right thank you very much Emily gordine DW political correspondent.

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