After New Year’s Eve escalations, why is Germany debating immigration, integration, and racism

New Year’s Eve has become a pretty Rowdy night here in Berlin over. The last years but after dozens of police.

Firefighters were injured in deliberate and planned attacks involving fireworks there’s now increasing debate about who is to blame. The city’s mayor is calling for a summit on how to deal with youth violence.

But the German interior Minister has suggested that failures and integration of migrants could be responsible. Riot-like scenes in the heart of Berlin the ushering end of the New Year escalated into Street violence in many cities across Germany as usual.

Berlin was one of the main hot spots but the intensity of this year’s violence was described by police as far worse than in previous years police officers were among those attacked during the night along with firefighters.

New Year
New Year

Other members of the emergency services one firefighter had to be hospitalized many others were injured in Berlin 145 were arrested in connection with the Riots of those detained 45 of German citizenship.

That’s turned the debate from a potential ban on pyrotechnics into one about migration. And integration in its Suite Germany’s Interior Minister Nancy facer said we have a problem in major German cities with some young men with an immigrant background.

Those who despise our state commit acts of violence and it’s very difficult to reach them with education.

Integration programs the statement is headaches with an otherwise cautious approach by the German government about what happened on New Year’s Eve it’s not about the so-called immigration background. Or the demand for a ban on firecrackers what it’s about is much more fundamental.

This is about an attack on the rule of law other members of the governing Coalition have warned against jumping to conclusions we’ve never seen a phenomenon like this before it’s at this extent and so of course.

I have a problem with a response like this it’s hardly a just description to only discuss people of an immigrant background attacking emergency workers and residents of Berlin snow cone.

District is not surprised that the violence flared up in their neighborhood this part of Berlin is the worst in these high-rise buildings.

I’m speechless it’s the same every year they burn trash cans set cars on fire or smash bus stops some do it because they hate the police some because they think it’s fun most are angry because of covid for some people it’s in the nature.

I’m not into it because it’s a waste of money for those who want to use fireworks let them my friends are into it foreign has called this Summit against youth violence it’s a first attempt to find a solution to the recurring problem.

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