1 Fisherman’s Epic Quest: Breaking Records with the Alligator Gar

Fisherman’s Epic Quest: In the world of fishing, where patience meets adrenaline, a remarkable tale of angling prowess and determination recently unfolded.

A Fisherman's Epic Quest
A Fisherman’s Epic Quest (Image source: Facebook)

Art Weston, a Kentucky native, embarked on a journey to East Texas with a lofty goal – to reel in the massive and elusive alligator gar. With the guidance of Captain Kirk Kirkland, a seasoned fisherman, and alligator gar expert, what they achieved could potentially shatter not one but two fishing records.

The Quest Begins

Captain Kirkland, whose life revolves around the water, spends an astonishing 250 days a year pursuing these formidable aquatic giants. On September 2, Art Weston joined Kirkland aboard the “Garship Enterprise” for an adventure on Lake Sam Rayburn. Their target: a colossal 130-pound alligator gar.

Lake Sam Rayburn, nestled in the Trinity River area, is renowned for being a hotspot for these prehistoric creatures. With its sandy bottom and minimal snags, it was the perfect stage for their daring quest, despite the anticipation of fewer fish.

Setting the Stage

With the sun glistening on the tranquil waters, Weston and Kirkland prepared to cast their lines. Armed with a mere six-pound line, they hooked their baits and settled them in their rod holders, anxiously awaiting the tug of a potential record-breaker.

The Thrilling Encounter

Two gars were reeled in early on, but the day’s excitement was yet to come. Suddenly, a reel started to scream, indicating a powerful force had taken the bait and was making a run for it. What followed was a relentless two hours and 45 minutes of intense struggle.

Weston vividly recalls the moment when it all began, exclaiming, “Oh my God, that’s a monster!” Fishing for such a colossal creature is undeniably exhausting, as Kirkland noted. Weston, under immense pressure, kept the boat in close proximity to the fish, ensuring it didn’t escape.

A Fisherman's Epic Quest
A Fisherman’s Epic Quest (Image source: Facebook)

It took them over two hours to realize the full extent of their catch. With determination and skill, they managed to bring the gar to the surface. In sheer amazement, Weston cried out, “Oh my God, that’s a monster!”

The Record-Breaker

Returning to land, Weston and Kirkland took a moment to estimate the fish’s weight. Their jaws dropped when they saw the scale read 283 pounds. It was a new all-tackle record, a monumental achievement that left Kirkland in awe.

This gigantic gar measured an astonishing 100 inches in length and 48 inches in girth. Weston’s name is now on the verge of entering the annals of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). He is poised to break records in both the all-tackle and Men’s 3-kg (6 lb) line class for alligator gar.

As of now, these records are “currently pending” and awaiting IGFA review. Jason Schratwieser, the president of IGFA, lauded Art Weston and Captain Kirkland as passionate conservation-minded anglers, and the achievement as a testament to meticulous planning and adherence to IGFA Angling Rules.

A Species as Old as Time

The Texas Parks and Wildlife reminds us that the alligator gar is a species as ancient as the dinosaurs, inhabiting rivers, reservoirs, and estuaries throughout the state.

After documenting their historic catch, Weston and Kirkland chose to return this magnificent creature to its watery home, underscoring their commitment to responsible angling and conservation.

Weston expressed his profound appreciation for Captain Kirk’s unwavering support throughout this record-breaking journey, emphasizing that not many guides would have the dedication and expertise required for such a pursuit. Captain Kirkland, indeed, is one of the best.

In the realm of angling, this feat represents a significant milestone, potentially eclipsing records that have stood for over seven decades. It’s a testament to the boundless possibilities within the sport of fishing and the extraordinary dedication of individuals like Art Weston and Captain Kirk Kirkland.

The tale of Art Weston and Captain Kirk Kirkland’s alligator gar catch is an awe-inspiring reminder of the remarkable experiences that can be found in the world of angling. Their relentless pursuit of this massive fish, coupled with their dedication to ethical sportfishing, paints a vivid picture of what can be achieved when passion meets expertise. This record-breaking achievement could usher in a new era in recreational angling, one marked by daring quests and spectacular victories.


1. What is an alligator gar?

An alligator gar is a prehistoric fish species found in rivers, reservoirs, and estuaries, known for its enormous size and distinctive appearance.

2. Who is Art Weston?

Art Weston is a Kentucky resident who embarked on a quest to catch a record-breaking alligator gar with the guidance of Captain Kirk Kirkland.

3. What is the significance of their catch?

Weston and Kirkland’s catch could potentially break two fishing records, demonstrating the extraordinary possibilities within the world of fishing.

4. How big was the record-breaking gar?

The record-breaking gar weighed an astonishing 283 pounds and measured 100 inches in length with a 48-inch girth.

5. What is the International Game Fish Association (IGFA)?

The IGFA is an organization that oversees and recognizes fishing records, ensuring that they adhere to ethical angling practices and rules.

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